How do I list multiple rooms?

To list multiple rooms in the same building, you need to create a separate listing for each space you have available to rent. Each listing has its own calendar and description. Make sure each one accurately reflects the number of beds and amenities that you can accommodate, as well as describes what space will be shared with others. Only one reservation per listing can be booked at a time. The calendar is marked as unavailable for each pending or accepted reservation to prevent double-booking.

For example, if you run a bed and breakfast with 8 rooms, you should create 8 Airbnb listings. Guests who want to book multiple rooms can book at each individual listing. To offer guests a discounted rate for booking multiple rooms, simply make a Special Offer and block the calendar of the other listings they will be staying in to avoid double-booking.

You can also create a listing for your whole house and separate listings for individual rooms in the house, but be sure to keep up with your calendars. If you rent your entire house, block those dates on all the individual rooms so you won't double-book.

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