How do references work?

References are comments on Airbnb profiles posted by friends, family, and colleagues of a given person that help build reliable reputations in the Airbnb community. You need an Airbnb account to request and write references. A reference will only display on a profile if the person who wrote it has a profile photo. For an example of a reference, see this profile.

Request references for your profile from Edit Profile > References > Request References. Once your friend write the reference, go to Edit Profile > References > References About You. You will then be able to (1) accept the reference and allow it to go public or (2) ignore it to keep it from posting to your profile.

To write a reference for someone else, they must send a reference request to you. There is no way to proactively leave a reference for another Airbnb user. You should only write references for people that you know really well. If you receive a reference request, follow the link back to Airbnb, make sure you’re logged in, and head to Edit Profile > References > References By You.


Please note: references are different than reviews, which can only be written after completing a reservation on Airbnb.

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