How do reviews work?

When you book reservations on Airbnb, you can earn reviews that appear on your profile. You can only write a review after a reservation is confirmed on the site, so you can trust that any review you see on a profile page is the result of an actual person booking with or hosting another member of the community. If you don't have any reservations planned yet but want to allow friends to vouch for you, check out references.

You can leave a review for your host or guest 24 hours after checkout from Edit Profile > Reviews > Reviews By You. They are limited to 500 words and must follow the review guidelines.

Your review history is stored at Edit Profile > Reviews. You'll see past Reviews About You, Reviews By You, and Private Feedback. Star ratings that appear on a listing are aggregate scores. For the privacy of our guests, and so they feel they can leave honest reviews without offending their host, we keep star ratings private.

After writing a review, you can edit it for 48 hours at Edit Profile > Reviews > Reviews by You > Edit.

You have the option of posting a review response. As a community that values honesty and transparency, a review will only be removed or altered in the event that it violates our review guidelines.

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