How do I book a pre-approval or Special Offer?

A pre-approval is a way for hosts to let you know right away that their listing is available to book at the listed rate. A Special Offer allows hosts to offer you a custom price for a reservation. Both pre-approvals and Special Offers will add guest service fees, calculated by the Airbnb system.

You'll know if you have an active pre-approval or Special Offer by looking in your message thread. Here is an example of a Special Offer:

To book, click the button in the message thread associated with the pre-approval or Special Offer. When you click the Book It button, you are taken to a checkout page where you can review the reservation details. If you do not wish to proceed with the booking, either click your browser's back button or close the browser window.

Hosts can pre-approve multiple guests at a time or extend multiple Special Offers at a time. The guest who books the offer first will book the listing. If the offer has already been booked or if the host chooses to remove the offer, the Book It button will no longer be active.

Please note: receiving a pre-approval or Special Offer is not a confirmation of booking. You must complete the booking using the Book It button associated with the offer.


If you're a host, read more about how to pre-approve a guest or how to make a Special Offer.

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