How much do I pay for a reservation?

You pay the cost of the listing, plus any applicable fees, like the guest service fee.

To see the most accurate cost of the listing when searching, enter your travel dates and number of guests. For any questions about a listing’s price, please contact the host—they are your best resource since they set their own pricing. For example, hosts may:

• Have special pricing for certain seasons or days, like weekends or holidays
• Change their rate depending on the number of guests
• Set special weekly prices (7+ nights) or monthly prices (28+ nights)
• Add a one-time cleaning fee
• Include a security deposit*

The price box on a listing takes all of a host’s pricing settings into account when showing you a quote. It shows the overall cost of the listing, not a per person cost. Click Book It for a more detailed price breakdown.

Look at a listing’s calendar to see the nightly price for each of the dates you’re interested in. Refer to a listing’s Description to see if a host has included additional charges.


To calculate the cost of a reservation before fees, we take the number of nights in reservation and multiply it by the nightly price. Then add any additional charges.

Example 1: Let’s say you’re looking to book a reservation for 4 people for 2 nights. The listing you like has a nightly price of $50, an extra guest fee of $10 per night after 2 guests, and a cleaning fee of $20.

(2 nights x $50 per night) + (2 nights x 2 people x $10 per night) + $20 cleaning fee = $160

Example 2: For weekly prices, we use a nightly price based off the weekly price to help calculate non-exact weeks. The nightly price equals the weekly price divided by seven. Pretend you’re booking a reservation for 1 person for 9 nights, and the listing has a weekly price of $300.

9 nights x (300 weekly price / 7 nights in a week) = $385.71 → $386

Our system only processes whole numbers and rounds to the nearest whole amount.


*Security deposits are not included in the total cost of a listing, and we do not charge service fees on security deposits.

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