Why should I connect to Facebook?

You can connect or disconnect your Airbnb account from Facebook at your Edit Profile > Trust and Verification.

Benefits of connecting to Facebook include using our Social Connections feature, adding a verification to your account, and sharing your Wish Lists. It also helps fill out portions of your profile, including your school, your employment, and any networks you're a part of. You can edit your profile to modify or remove any information that we pulled from Facebook and still keep the verification.

Once you add Airbnb to your Facebook Timeline, any Wish Lists activity from then on will be published to Facebook automatically on your behalf. You won't see an option to approve or deny a post, but you can disconnect sharing to Facebook at any time from Account > Privacy > Add Airbnb to Facebook Timeline.

We do not post without your permission or link anyone to your Facebook account from Airbnb. You can also control what information is provided to Airbnb by customizing your privacy preferences on Facebook.

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