Make sure that your listing is available to guests at the predetermined check-in time.


Whether they arrive by planes, trains, or automobiles, guests feel best when given clear directions about how to reach your listing.

  • Know where your guest is coming from. Include directions from airports, train, and bus stations in your online House Manual so they can choose what works for them.
  • Some hosts want to greet their guests from the get-go! Consider picking your guest up when they arrive in town.


A smooth check-in leaves both of you with positive first impressions. Let someone in and let the adventure begin.

  • Here's the key: key exchange. Use a lockbox, leave it with a neighbor, or greet your guest at the door.


Help your guests solve the riddle, "Where am I?" Give them a tour of your space or leave them a detailed description of what they can expect to find and where they can expect to find it.

  • Handwritten house manuals (analog still exists!), informative post-its, and explanatory signs give guests a sense of understanding in your space.


  • Transportation: Give clear directions to your listing
  • Check-in: Facilitate easy key exchange
  • Orientation: Explain where things are and how they work