During reservations, stay available to remedy any issues that may arise. Alternatively, provide guests with a designated and reliable point-of-contact.


It's the thought that counts. Contact your guests shortly after they check in to show you care about their experience.

  • Check in with guests on their first night and consistently touch base with them during long stays.

Addressing Issues

Sometimes, good spaces do bad things. Be prepared and available for your guest to reach you if your stove won't light, your water heater breaks, or your game room is just too fun.

  • Have a list of emergency phone numbers handy. Give them the digits for your local doctor, plumber, or Airbnb support. Communicate honestly with your guests if something goes wrong. Let them know how and when you'll fix the issue and provide them regular updates as remedies take place.
  • Problem solvers are super heroes! Guests who stayed with hosts who gracefully resolved an issue reported great experiences more frequently than those who never had an issue at all.

Above & Beyond

You can make up for your space's mistakes. Whether it be a thoughtful handwritten note or help finding new accommodations, offer your guests a token of goodwill.

  • Offer affected guests alternatives. After a plumbing emergency arose in a host couple's listing, the hosts gave their guests their own home while they relocated to their in-laws'.
  • If your space is in no place to function, offer your guests a refund through Airbnb. It's simple, it's quick, and it's secure.


  • Approachability: Provide up-to-date contact information
  • Approachability: Make contact with guests immediately after check-in
  • Addressing issues: Be available to address any problems
  • Above and beyond: Offer guests alternatives and a token of goodwill