Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of our trusted community. Leave a review for guests within 30 days of checkout.


Leave your guest a note of thanks for the way they treated your space.

  • Hosts and guests have 30 days to write a review. If you review a guest and hope for them to review you too, reach out to remind them that there's a time limit.


We could all use a "Suggestion Box." If you have constructive feedback for your guest, give them guidance as to how they might improve.

  • Critiques can be hard to take. Address your guest with kindness and professionalism. When possible, give concrete examples of behavior they can better.
  • If you received a low review, you're invited to share your side! When you respond to reviews about you, your comments will appear directly below the review you speak to.


  • Compliments: Review guests within a day
  • Compliments: Say what you loved
  • Complaints: Suggest ways to improve
  • Complaints: Send private feedback if you prefer