Ensure that you can commit to your guest before accepting a reservation. If a cancellation is unavoidable, make every effort to help guests find somewhere else to stay.


Consider your guest's feelings (and their plans) before you cancel their accommodations.

  • Always follow up cancellations with a phone call as your guest might be busy preparing for their trip or already traveling.
  • Guests can write a review even if you cancel. Hosts who communicate promptly and clearly with their guests are more likely to receive a positive review.


Timing is everything. If you must cancel your commitment to your guest, tell them as soon as possible.

  • Make it official! Cancelling through your account allows guests to seek other accommodations.


Do everything you can to enhance your guest's stay, especially since they can't stay with you. Familiar with other great hosts on Airbnb? Set them up! Have in-the-know advice? Share it!

  • Sometimes, things fall apart. When a host's pipes burst, she immediately saved the day by arranging new accommodations for her guests with another host she knew from Airbnb Groups.


  • Empathy: Speak with guests before canceling
  • Promptness: Cancel officially online
  • Assistance: Use Groups to find an available host