Ensure that your listing's bedrooms and common areas are cleaned before each guest's arrival. This includes changing linens and cleaning surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen.

First Impressions

Give guests a reason to swoon from the moment they see your space. Organized spaces feel fresher and invite your guests to settle in.

  • Small details complete the big picture. Just one hair on a pillow can make your space appear untidy and undo hours spent cleaning.

The Space

Clean your home in a way that would make your mother proud.

  • Ensure guest-tested, mother-approved experiences with freshly laundered, stain-free linens and towels.
  • Pay attention to the nitty-gritty. Dust surfaces, wipe mirrors, empty wastebaskets, sanitize toilets, and keep your space mildew-free.
  • Keep your kitchen crumbless. Clean up the cooking area and clean out the fridge. Tell your guests which foods they are welcome to eat!


Showcase your space at its best. Charge a cleaning fee or hire a professional cleaning service to help keep your space spotless.

  • Give your guests the ability to tidy up after themselves. Leave cleaning supplies in your listing so they can combat little spills and accidental messes.
  • Squeaky-clean spaces take time. Give yourself enough time to make sure your listing looks its best before your next guest arrives.


  • First impressions: Pay attention to the details
  • The space: Wash sheets and towels
  • The space: Organize your space so guests can store their things
  • Services: Consider adding a cleaning fee
  • Services: Leave cleaning supplies for guests to use