Update each listing's calendar to accurately reflect dates when it's available for bookings.


Always know if you can pencil someone in. Hosts who keep their calendars up to date receive 5 times more bookings than those who don't.

  • Blocking calendar dates prevents travelers from sending inquiries that go unrequited.

Reservation Requirements

Find the right match for your space by setting the criteria for the kind of guest you invite into your home.

  • If you set your preferences to only allow guests who have verified their ID, rest assured that their profiles will be complete before their request reaches your mailbox.
  • Enable Instant Book and automatically accept guests who meet your criteria.


Are you each other's type? Before your guest books, ask the purpose and preferences for their trip so you both know you found the right fit.

  • Not every puzzle piece fits together. If a guest's request isn't right for you, be kind and decline promptly. You're not penalized for declining a request.
  • Online and in real life, hosts and guests share their stories. Read reviews about your prospective guest to get an idea of the traveler they are.


  • Calendar: Update your calendar weekly
  • Calendar: Block dates you can't accept
  • Reservation Requirements: Enable Instant Book
  • Compatibility: Learn about guests before saying yes