Any amenities, appliances, and features promised at the time of booking should be available and operational during the stay. Provide fresh bedding and towels, soap, and toilet paper upon your guest's arrival.


Little amenities are a big deal when traveling. They offer guests comfort in unfamiliar places and save the day when someone has forgotten something.

  • Guests expect the basics. Have clean towels and bed sheets, soap, toilet paper, and all of the amenities you outlined in your listing's description on hand.

Additional Items

Exceptional service is unexpectedly refreshing. Ask your guests what would help them beyond the basics.

  • Consider keeping shampoo, conditioner, a hairdryer, and an iron on hand. Leave an umbrella by the door in case the skies are grey.
  • Guests love helpful maps, a power adapter that's available to borrow, and sunscreen and bug spray if the elements call for it.

Special Touches

Go for the gold by anticipating your guests' unique travel plans. Are they arriving with kids? Leave a coloring book. Honeymooning? Congratulate them with chocolates.

  • Custom-tailored welcome gifts offer guests unexpected delight. Find out their favorite morning beverage or evening brew so you know whether to offer coffee or tea, beer or wine.
  • One host provided his foreign guest with a prepaid cell phone so he wouldn't have to worry about roaming charges.


  • Necessities: Provide towels, toilet paper, and hand soap
  • Additional items: Offer useful items like hair dryers, irons, and umbrellas
  • Special touches: Add personalized items like guides and gifts