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    COVID-19 update
    To find cancellation and refund options, select a reservation from the Trips page. Our extenuating circumstances policy only applies to certain reservations. If your check-in date is after August 15, check back here on July 15, 2020 for an update.

    What is a pre-approval?

    A pre-approval is a way for host to let you know that their listing is available when asked about a potential reservation. Once pre-approved, you can automatically confirm a booking for the specific dates provided.

    How it works

    If a host has sent you a pre-approval, your booking isn’t confirmed until you’ve clicked Book It in the message thread with the host and added your payment info. Hosts can send pre-approvals to many potential guests, so if you’ve found the perfect place, make sure to complete the booking process as soon as possible.

    You have 24 hours to accept a pre-approval before it expires. If 24 hours have passed, you can still accept the pre-approval but your host will have to approve your request before your reservation is confirmed.

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