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How do I edit or remove a payment method?

If you choose to pay with a credit card when you make a reservation request, you can edit or remove the card information from your Airbnb account later, as long as a default payment method remains and the card is not being used on a pending or active reservation.

Removing or adding a payment method

To edit or remove a payment method, log in to Airbnb from a desktop computer and follow the steps below.

You can manage your payment method in the Account section of your profile:

  1. Click Payments and Payouts
  2. Click Add Payment Method to add new credit card information to your account

If you add more than one payment method, you’ll be able to remove one that isn't your default payment method by clicking Remove. You won’t be able to remove a card that’s being used on a pending or active reservation.

To have a payment method appear first on your list of available payment methods the next time you make a reservation, click Set Default.

Note: At this time, it's only possible to add credit cards from the Payment Methods section of your account, although you can choose to add other types of payment methods on the checkout page when you book.

If you have an existing reservation with payments scheduled for a future date (for example, a long-term reservation), you can also change the payment method for the scheduled future payments with the following steps:

  1. Go to Trips and select the trip where you want to change your payment method
  2. Under Trip Overview, click Reservation
  3. Under Payment Details, click Get receipts and manage future payments
  4. On the Your payment details page, scroll to Scheduled payments and click Update payment details
  5. On the Change Your Payment Details page, under Pay with, select the payment method
  6. Click Submit