How do I add or remove a symbol on my Airbnb profile?

Every Airbnb experience is as unique as the people in our community. That's why you can now make your own, personalized version of the Airbnb symbol to express what Airbnb and the feeling of belonging means to you.

To make your symbol, head on over to, type in your name, and get started experimenting with different styles and colors for your personalized symbol. Once you save your symbol, you have the option to include it on your Airbnb profile to express your personality to hosts or prospective guests.

To add your saved symbol, click Options on the My Symbols page at, then select Add to profile.

You can add as many symbols as you like, but only one can appear on your profile at a time. If you decide you’d like to remove a symbol from your profile, you can do so by editing your profile at

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