Leaving a review for your guests is a chance to show your gratitude and provide helpful feedback. Because they're public, your reviews help other hosts know what to expect when they receive a reservation request from a guest who has stayed at your listing. Similarly, when you receive a review, it's your opportunity to use your guests' feedback to make improvements to your listing or the hospitality you provide.

You have 14 days to complete your review after a trip has ended. You'll only see your feedback from a completed trip after both you and your guest have left a review, or at the end of the 14-day review period.

If you have constructive feedback for a guest, give them guidance either in your review or in private feedback. Be sure to address sensitive feedback with kindness and professionalism. When possible, include concrete examples of the behaviors they can change. Particularly for guests who are new to traveling on Airbnb, your feedback will help them become expert travelers.

You and your guests will both have 2 weeks to respond to the reviews you've received. Your comments will appear on your listing page, directly below the review they refer to.

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