Providing a clean and tidy space will make your guests feel comfortable from the moment they arrive. A clean listing will always look its best, and it will show your commitment to making your guests feel welcome.

To make your listing shine, start with these steps before each guest's arrival:

  • Clean every room that your guests can access during their stay and pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Provide freshly-washed towels and sheets.
  • Take care of the small things that show extra consideration: dust the bookshelves, wipe the mirrors, and empty the wastebasket.
  • Make room in the closet or dresser so that guests can store their belongings.

We know that cleaning is one of the more challenging aspects of preparing your listing, particularly if you're traveling, yourself. If you can't do the cleaning, you can always add a cleaning fee to your listing price and hire a professional cleaning service.

It's important to give yourself enough time to clean your space, particularly when you have back-to-back bookings. Giving your guests the ability to tidy up after themselves will be a big help, so be sure to leave cleaning supplies in your space, so they can take care of spills and accidental messes.

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