Who is eligible to receive a free smoke and carbon monoxide detector?

Airbnb is committed to making it easy for you to make your space safer for guests. That's why we're offering free combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to eligible hosts in the U.S. during 2014. This program will end on December 31, 2014.

Right now, this offer is available to hosts in the United States who have an active listing. To find out if you're eligible, visit our Home Safety page and scroll down to the section about free detectors. Eligible hosts will see a button to request a free device. Keep in mind that some restrictions apply—for example, we can only offer one device per host.

Please be sure to check you local regulations, which may require that you have more than one working smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed in your listing. Some cities require one in every room.

This is just the beginning. We're working on ways to expand this and similar programs to make it as easy as possible for all our hosts around the world to take important safety measures for their guests.

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