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    Weekend pricing

    Weekend trips are an increasingly popular way of traveling these days. You can take advantage of the trend by charging an optimal price for Friday and Saturday nights.

    Set weekend pricing

    Note: You must turn Smart Pricing off first.

      1. Go to Listings and select the listing you want to change
      2. Click Pricing and go to Standard fees and charges
      3. Next to Weekend pricing, click Edit
      4. Enter your nightly price, then click Save

      To remove weekend pricing, enter “$0” and click Save (your Friday and Saturday night prices will then revert to your default nightly price).

      Your pricing changes will not affect pending or accepted reservations, since those guests have already submitted their payment information.

      Overriding existing price settings

      In the case of weekend vs. custom pricing, your newer price will override your previous settings, ex:

      • Setting weekend pricing after you’ve already set custom weekly and monthly pricing means your new weekend pricing will replace all Friday and Saturday night pricing on your calendar
      • Setting weekend pricing before custom pricing means your new custom price will override your weekend price

      Find out how to boost your bookings with a savvy pricing strategy.

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