Why was my listing deactivated?

Letting requests or inquiries expire

If you let 4 consecutive reservation requests or booking inquiries expire without responding, we may temporarily deactivate your listing. Booking inquiries and reservation requests expire in 24 hours. Temporary deactivation will ensure that guests don't continue to contact you without receiving a reply, and it will preserve your response rate.

Consistently declining requests or inquiries

If you don’t accept consecutive reservation requests and booking inquiries over an extended period of time, or you consistently take more than 7 days to pre-approve an inquiry, we may temporarily deactivate your listing. This will ensure that guests don't contact you if you're not able to host.

Reactivating your listing

When your listing is temporarily deactivated, we will send you an email with the instructions you'll need to reactivate it. You can reactivate immediately, if you're ready to host, but it may take up to an hour for your listing to appear in search results after it has been reactivated. You can also complete the reactivation process by clicking on the alert in your dashboard.

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