How can I manage Instant Book settings?

The Instant Book settings appear in the left-hand navigation of your Manage Listing page, below Pricing. Use the checkbox to turn Instant Book on or off for your listing. If you Enable Instant Book, you'll see a yellow lightning bolt.

Only guests who have a profile photo will be able to use Instant Book to book your space—if a guest doesn't have a profile photo, they'll need to send a reservation request.

Turning off Instant Book will not remove confirmed reservations that have already been made with Instant Book.

Detailed control

You can choose who is able to confirm a reservation using Instant Book in your listing: anyone, or only guests who have received at least one positive review. This is also where you'll be able to set how much Advance notice you'll need for Instant Book reservations. Select your setting from the drop-down menu. For example, if you select At least 1 day's notice, guests will be able to book up until 11:59pm for a reservation that begins the following day.

When you're using the Airbnb mobile app, if you're eligible for Instant Book, you can go to Manage Listing to turn Instant Book on or off, set guest eligibility, and set the Advance notice you require.

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