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    How do I add and reorder my listing’s photos?

    If you have an Airbnb Plus listing and would like to update your listing’s photos, find out how.

    You need at least one photo in order to list a space, but we recommend that you upload at least few to show potential guests a thorough view of the space they'll get to use if they stay with you.

    Adding photos

    To add photos to an existing listing:

    1. Go to Your Listings on
    2. Click your Cover Photo or Listing Title to edit your listing
    3. Click Edit next to Photos
    4. Scroll to the bottom, click Add another, and then choose the photos that you want to upload
    5. To update your cover photo, click Change next to Cover Photo, and then click the photo that you want as the new cover photo
    6. Click Save at the bottom

    Keep in mind that resolution matters—take photos that are at least 1024 x 683px. When in doubt, a bigger photo is better.

    Changes to your photos may take up to 30 minutes to appear on your public listing. For a faster upload, we encourage you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

    Reordering photos

    To reorder your uploaded photos, select a photo and drag it where you'd like it to go. It will automatically save your new order.

    The first three photos are the most important, since they'll be prominently displayed on your listing. Your first photo will appear in search results and will be the largest image displayed at the top of your listing.

    Adding captions

    You can add captions to each photo by clicking Add a caption. To save it, click Save caption below.

    Deleting photos

    To delete a photo, click the photo, and then click Delete this photo under the caption box. Then click Delete to confirm that you're sure that you want to delete this photo.

    Editing photos

    If a photo that you upload is facing the wrong direction or needs adjusting:

    1. Click the photo
    2. Click the pencil icon on the lower right corner of the image
    3. Click Rotate until the image is facing the correct direction
    4. You can also crop or adjust the brightness of the image in this view
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