How do I edit my pricing settings?

Pricing settings are found at Your Listings > Manage Listing > Pricing.

Edits you make to your pricing only apply to reservations booked after you make the changes. Changes do not apply to upcoming reservations that were already accepted.

• Base Price: default nightly rate. This is the only required pricing setting.

• Long-Term Prices: weekly and monthly rates. Weekly prices apply to reservations of 7 nights or more. Monthly prices apply to reservations of 28 nights or more. If you want to appear in long-term searches (of 28 nights or more), you need to set a monthly rate. You may also set custom weekly or monthly prices.

• Cleaning Fee: a one-time fee added to the reservation total. In search results, guests see a rate inclusive of your cleaning fee.

• Weekend Pricing: special weekend pricing for every Friday night and Saturday night.

• Additional Guests: a fee added to each night of the reservation, depending on the number of guests.

• Security Deposit: an amount between $100 and $5,000 USD that you can claim if an accident occurs.

To set special prices for different days, weeks, or seasons, use your calendar to select a date range and change the nightly rate. Incorporate other costs you might need into your rates.

While you edit, the site auto-saves your work. Changes may take up to an hour to appear on your public listing. If your details are not saving on the Manage Listing page, please clear your browsing history and cache, then refresh the page. For the best experience, we encourage you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.


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