Glossary: S - Z

The below terms and definitions will help you better understand the specialized vocabulary used frequently on the website. Try using them in the Help Center search (the search box above) to increase the relevancy of FAQs in your search results.

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searching: the act of finding a listing using the search feature and sorting the search results. Read more.

search placement: the appearance of a listing in the search results for a given search, contingent upon the search filters applied. Read more.

• security deposit: an amount of money authorized on a guest's payment method during a reservation that covers accidents that may occur during the stay. Read more.

• service fees: fees that cover the cost of running the website and processing guest payment transactions. Read more.

• Social Connections: a feature that enables users to see their Facebook connections. Read more.

• Special Offer: a feature that allows hosts to offer a special custom price for a reservation. Read more.

• standard pricing: a listing's default nightly, weekly, and monthly rates, found on the Calendar and Pricing page. Read more.

• subtotal: the price of a reservation before service fees have been added. Read more.

• SuperHost: a member of a program highlighting extraordinary Airbnb hosts. Read more.

• Terms of Service: the terms and conditions to which users must agree in order to create an account and book reservations. Read more.

• Transaction History: a record of all of a host's payouts. Read more.

• travel credits: the credits a user receives when the people they refer to Airbnb book reservations. Read more.

• verification: a way in which a user confirms his or her identity via tools on the site (phone number, Facebook, ID, etc.). Read more.

• Verified ID: a badge on a profile verification that signifies a user verified their online and offline identities. Read more.

• Voice Connect: a feature that allows hosts and guests to speak via phone or VOIP without exchanging telephone numbers. Read more.

• Wish Lists: a fun and visual way to save, share, browse, and discover Airbnb listings. Read more.

• Your Reservations: a complete record of the Airbnb reservations for which you have been the host.

• Your Trips: a complete record of the Airbnb reservations for which you have been the guest.

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