How do I include a guest or business name on my billing receipt?

Airbnb provides billing receipts and itineraries to all guests who have booked on the site. You'll find links to view your itinerary and receipt under Your Trips.

After submitting your reservation request, you'll be able to add guest names or business information* immediately following the checkout page.

You're only able to add this information once, but if you didn't add the information after the checkout page, you can add it before the checkout date from your trip's itinerary (if your reservation has ended, you won't be able to change your receipt).

To add information to your receipt:

  1. From your computer, visit Your Trips
  2. Click View Itinerary for the upcoming trip you'd like to add information to
  3. Click the Business Address or Add Guests link at the top of the page

If you're adding guest information, be sure to add only the names of those who will be staying at the listing.

For questions regarding visa application documentation requirements, please contact the consulate or other legal authority in the country to which you are traveling in order to find out what information you will need in order to obtain a travel visa.

*Airbnb is not able to add items like passport numbers, birth dates, or tax identification numbers to your billing receipt.

In addition, adding VAT details to your business information is documentation only and will not affect VAT charged on your reservation. VAT invoices cannot be altered. Learn more about how VAT may apply to you.

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