What happens when I involve Airbnb in my Resolution Center request?

If you’ve opened a Resolution Center request, and you’re having trouble reaching an agreement with your host or guest, you’ll have the option to involve Airbnb.

When you choose to involve Airbnb, our team will be notified and a dedicated team member will be assigned to your case. They’ll review the information provided by you and your host or guest, before making a final decision. Their decision will be based on our policies and the documentation provided by you and your host or guest. In some cases, we may need to contact you to gather additional information, before we can make a decision.

While we’re always happy to help, it may take more time to reach a solution when Airbnb is asked to intervene. Because of this, we recommend only choosing to involve Airbnb if you’re unable to work things out with your host or guest directly.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Airbnb’s decision may not align with the solution you were hoping for. By asking to involve Airbnb you’re agreeing to accept the final decision that we reach.

Once a decision is made, we’ll be able to process the refund or payment on your behalf.

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