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    What are neighborhoods?

    Neighborhoods are a way to help travelers make informed decisions about where to stay when planning a trip. When visiting a new city, it can be helpful to know which neighborhoods may fit your interests and the purpose of your trip.

    How neighborhoods are determined

    On Airbnb, neighborhood boundaries are based on research with locals and city experts. A cartographer helps make sure these boundaries are accurate and up-to-date. This research also informs the detailed descriptions, photos, and stories about each neighborhood.

    Search by neighborhood

    You can search by neighborhood to narrow your options when looking for a listing. You can also get additional information about neighborhoods, such as location, access to transportation, and map, by browsing all available neighborhoods for the city you're interested in.

    Give direct feedback or suggest changes

    Neighborhood information is updated partly by using feedback from the community. If you feel that neighborhood information is incorrect, you can give us direct feedback. While we can’t respond to everything, we encourage you to share your knowledge and opinions.

    Can’t find a neighborhood

    While we’ve recently updated neighborhood information for popular travel destinations worldwide, not all locations have neighborhoods on Airbnb.

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