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Changing your taxpayer information

To update your taxpayer information:

  1. Go to your Account and select Payments & payouts
  2. Click on the Taxes section
  3. Under Taxes, go to the Taxpayer information section and click on the three dots icon  next to a taxpayer
  4. Select Edit and update your taxpayer information

If you don't have a payout in the current calendar year or you're trying to change your tax ID number, tax classification, or enter a different taxpayer entirely, please add a new taxpayer.

If you’ve added more than one taxpayer, you’ll be able to remove any record that is not your default taxpayer by clicking on the three dots icon and selecting Delete.

Note: Transient occupancy tax (TOT) and resolution payouts won't go through specific routing rules, and will only be sent to your default payout method.

The taxpayer information provided will be used for year-end IRS tax information reporting. If you are allocating payments to different taxpayers, you will need to add multiple tax forms and assign them to each payout method. To do this:

  1. Add all required tax forms. You can submit your taxpayer information by clicking on add a new taxpayer for each tax form
  2. Go to your Payouts section
  3. Under each of your payout methods, click on the options menu  , select Assign taxpayer, and select the appropriate tax form

Once you have submitted your form(s), you should be able to see it under Taxes in the Taxpayer Information section. 

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