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Where do I find my Airbnb earnings for tax purposes?

Whether you’re looking for detailed information on a specific transaction or a static report, you can view your earnings at any time from your Airbnb account.

It's your responsibility to determine what, from your total amount earned, to report as taxable income on your tax return. We encourage you to consult a tax advisor if you need assistance deducting any non-taxable income.

Transaction history

You can filter transactions by payout method, listing, and date from your Transaction History. Your transaction history includes completed and future transactions, along with an option to view gross earnings.

Learn more about how to use your transaction history.

2018 earnings summary (US-only)

All transactions paid out in the 2018 calendar year are included in your Earnings Summary. All transactions paid out in the 2018 calendar year are a part of the report, including both net and gross earnings. Gross earnings include any withholdings or adjustments that may have reduced payouts throughout the year. These amounts can be useful for income tax reporting purposes.

At this time, your earnings summary is only available for display in USD. If you received payouts in other currencies, your earnings summary will display the exchange rate that was locked in on the date that the transaction took place.

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