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Requesting an early check-in time

Need to arrive a little earlier to a listing? Your Host may be able to accommodate you.

If you’ve already booked your reservation

Did you already plan a trip and are wondering if it’s possible to check-in earlier to your Host’s place? While the timing is up to your Host, you can try sending them a message in your Inbox before your arrival asking if they’d allow an earlier check-in time than what’s listed in their description. Let them know exactly when you plan on arriving, and they’ll let you know if they’re able to welcome you any earlier.

If you haven’t booked a trip

If you haven’t booked yet and know you’ll need an earlier check-in, go to the listing and click or tap Contact Host to send a message asking if you can arrive earlier. You’ll be able to find out whether or not this is possible before you book a reservation, and will end up saving money (and time).

Note: Hosts may be able to accommodate you, but know there also may be extra charges associated with an earlier check-in—like if they need to hire additional cleaners to make sure their place is ready early.

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