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Co-Host taxes and payouts

The information in this article applies to Co-Host payouts. You can also find out how taxes and payouts work for Host payouts.

As a Co-Host receiving payouts on Airbnb, we may require your taxpayer information in order to comply with tax reporting and compliance obligations. Absent your tax information, in some cases, we may be required by government tax authorities to withhold taxes at specified default rates.

To ensure that your account is in compliance and to avoid any disruptions in receiving your payouts, please take a few minutes to add your taxpayer information today.

You can learn more about country income tax obligations by accessing the links in the sections below.

Adding and tracking tax and payout information

Here's where you can add and track information about taxes and payouts:

  • Taxes: Manage your taxpayer information and tax documents
  • Payments and payouts: Manage your payments, payout methods, and taxpayer assignments
  • Earnings dashboard: Find your completed payouts, upcoming payouts, and gross earnings

Withholding tax

If you received a request to submit your taxpayer information and haven’t done so yet, we may have to withhold a percentage from your Co-Host payouts to remit to the relevant tax authority. Tax withheld is applied on each reservation.

In some instances, we may even need to block payouts until we receive your taxpayer information.

Add your tax information today.

Countries with withholding tax

Airbnb may be required by law to withhold taxes from Co-Host payouts by the following countries:

Finding your tax withholding transaction details

You can find the amount of tax withheld in your earnings dashboard. Where applicable, the total amount withheld will be included on the tax documents we issue, so you can account for them on your tax returns.

Finding withheld tax

When you're reviewing your Co-Host payouts, any withholding tax appears in the Deductions section. The withheld tax is calculated based on the amount you received as specified by the listing owner and the applicable rate. Rates vary by tax authority and any taxpayer information that you provide.


In this example, the Host shares 30% of their Host potential earnings per booking. Learn more about how the Host potential earnings amount is calculated


Host potential earnings


Co-Host total payout ($100 x 30%)



US income tax withheld (24%)


Total payout


Adding taxpayer information

To add or revise your taxpayer information in your account, go to the Taxes section.

Once we receive and validate your taxpayer information and determine that withholding isn’t required or that a lower rate applies, we’ll stop or reduce the percentage of withholding on your upcoming payouts.

For more info, check out our Taxes help.

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