How do I use my Wish Lists?

Wish Lists allow you to keep track of listings you may want to book, or that you simply find beautiful and inspiring. You'll need to create a a title for each of your Wish Lists. Then, from any listing page, you can click the Save to Wish List button and choose a Wish List to save it in.

When you're on a listing, you can also create a new Wish List to add it to. After you click Save to Wish List, open the drop-down menu and click Create New. Enter your title, then click Create. Think Weekend Getaways, Romantic Retreats, or My Trip to Paris.

To share a Wish List, click the buttons at the top of the list for Facebook, Twitter, and email.

To delete a Wish List, click Edit in the top-left corner, next to your photo. From there, you can Delete Wish List. This is also where you can change the Title of your Wish List and select sharing settings.

When you view the listings in a Wish List, you have the option to change or remove the Wish List that listing is saved to. When you hover your mouse over that listing, the respective buttons will appear.

Please keep in mind that changes to your Wish Lists may take a couple minutes to reflect on the website.

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