What are verifications?

Verifications are a way to connect your Airbnb profile to other personal information about you, such as your Facebook profile, phone number, email address, or photo ID.

We offer a variety of verification methods. You can see which verifications someone has completed by looking for verification badges on their profile.

Here are a few other ways we promote trust and help you decide who to host or stay with on Airbnb:

  • Reviews and references: people on Airbnb actively review each other, and you can only review someone you’ve hosted or stayed with. Anyone on Airbnb can request a personal reference from people who know them well, too.
  • Detailed profiles: hosts and guests can fill out a description, add photos and video, and list their schools and workplaces. Details like these help people get acquainted before a visit.
  • Social Connections: link your Facebook and Airbnb profiles and see how you're connected to the rest of the Airbnb community
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