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    Find your refund amount

    In most cases, your refund amount depends on your reservation’s cancellation policy and when you cancel.

    You can find the refund amount and cancellation policy specific to your reservation by starting to cancel your stay or your Experience.

    You can also learn about the cancellation policy for your reservation by going to Trips and selecting your trip, or by reviewing your reservation confirmation email.

    More info

    • Part payment: If you’ve only paid for part of your stay up front, your refund amount may be less than you expect, and will never exceed what you paid
    • Refund timing: It is most likely that your refund won’t arrive right away, even though we send it as soon as you cancel
    • Cancellation cutoff times: Cutoff times are in the trip’s local time
    • Coupons: Coupons are non-refundable
    • Service fees: Service fees for stays are non-refundable if you cancel after your reservation’s free refund period ends

    Special cases

    You may be entitled to a full refund or one larger than the standard refund of your Host’s cancellation policy if:


    If your plans changed due to COVID-19, check if the Extenuating Circumstances Policy applies to your reservation.

    Refunds for canceled stays due to COVID-19 require proof of illness or exposure within 14 days of check-in. Ex:

    • Positive COVID-19 test
    • Doctor’s note
    • Notice from local government saying you've been exposed
    • Screenshot of notification from a contact tracing app
    • Positive test result from a member of your household
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