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How to claim your seat for a private experience

You’ve been invited to a private experience as a guest. Lucky you! So, what’s next?

You’ll receive an email from the person who booked the experience. That email will include an invite link, and that link will prompt you to click or tap Claim Your Seat.

Claiming your seat is kind of like RSVPing. Once you claim your seat, you’ll have access to essential information and important features that will enable you to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

One important thing: You’ll need to have an Airbnb account to use the Claim Your Seat feature.

Benefits of claiming your seat

Once you open the invite link and click or tap Claim Your Seat, here’s what you can expect:

  • The person who booked the experience will know you’re attending
  • You’ll be officially added to the reservation
  • You’ll get a confirmation email that includes:
    • A Zoom link and clear instructions on how to sign into the event
    • Details about the experience and what you can expect
    • A list of supplies and any preparation that you’ll need in order to participate
  • You’ll have access to a direct message thread with the Host, as well as a group message thread with the other guests
  • You’ll be able to leave your feedback in a review after the experience is over

Want someone else to join the experience? Ask the person who booked the experience if they can accommodate more guests.

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