How does homeowner's insurance work with Airbnb?

Homeowner's or renter's insurance may be right for you. Every policy is different and might not provide the same level of protection. To understand your coverage options, you should check with your insurance provider.

Does my homeowner's or renter's insurance cover instances in which a guest or other third party is injured at my listing?

Some insurance policies protect homeowners and renters from certain lawsuits that result from injury to a visitor. Since the coverage contained in these policies varies, we recommend you confirm with your insurance provider that your rental activity is covered under your current policy before listing your space.

Does Airbnb offer liability coverage?

Begining January 2015, we will offer liability coverage to hosts and, where applicable, their landlords through our Host Protection Insurance program, subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

If you’re covered under other insurance, Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance program will be secondary to that insurance. If you don’t have other insurance, Airbnb’s Host Insurance Protection program could act as your primary insurance for qualifying incidents.

What is an "umbrella policy"?

Umbrella policies often extend your liability insurance coverage beyond your minimum coverage for a fee. We recommend you discuss this with your insurance provider.

For further guidance, refer to our Responsible Hosting page.

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