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How can I confirm photo accuracy for my listings?

To confirm the accuracy of photos advertised to guests, hosts need to take new photos of their space as it is today that match what’s listed on Airbnb.

You'll need to visit your listing in-person and use the Airbnb app to take and send these new photos to the verification review team. Co-hosts are not yet eligible to submit photos, and existing photos from a camera roll cannot be uploaded for review. Any images sent will be for review purposes only and will never be seen by guests.

Tips for taking good photos with the Airbnb app

To ensure your photos confirm the accuracy of what’s listed on Airbnb, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Visit your listing in person. To take photos for verification review, you’ll need to visit your listing in person. Make sure it’s safe and convenient for you to do so. Existing photos from your camera roll cannot be uploaded.
  • Take photos from the same perspective. For example, if a photo listed on Airbnb shows a certain corner of the bedroom, snap a new photo for verification review that captures the same corner. This makes it easier for the verification team to confirm accuracy quickly. 
  • Don’t hire a professional. Photos sent for verification review will never be seen by guests, so just be sure that the basics match up. 
  • Showcase the details.  If you’re taking a photo of your bedroom, for example, turn down the blanket or duvet so we can see the sheets and pillows underneath.
  • Make sure your space is well-lit. To make sure it’s easy to see details, turn on lights if necessary or take photos during the daytime with the windows open.
  • Hold still when you snap. To make sure photos aren’t blurry, and keep your phone still as you take photos with the Airbnb app. 

As of today, we don’t ask hosts to verify every photo listed on Airbnb. The shortlist of images listed on Airbnb to confirm listing accuracy represent the key features and amenities that guests expect upon arrival.

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