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How does the experience host fee waiver work in reopened countries?

Airbnb will waive its service fees for eligible experience bookings received by eligible hosts within an 8-week waiver period, up to a total of $1,000 USD per host. This means that eligible hosts will receive the entire amount of their eligible experience booking during the waiver period, without Airbnb charging the service fee. Here's information on how the fee waiver works. 

You can find complete details and the terms and conditions of the program here.


To be eligible, you must have had an experience published on Airbnb on or before March 16, 2020 in all regions except mainland China. If you host in mainland China, your experience needed to be published on or before February 1, 2020 to be eligible. If your experience is eligible, your total fees waived will be displayed on the guest pricing section of your experience settings page.

Start date

The 8-week waiver period starts on the date that your region was reopened, regardless of the date that you first started hosting an experience. Bookings made during this waiver period are eligible for a fee waiver, even if the reservation is for a date beyond the 8-week waiver period.

Fee waiver confirmation

  • The total waived fees and date range for each eligible experience are displayed on the COVID-19 fee waiver information under the guest pricing section on your experience settings page. The total fees waived per host will be displayed, not the total for each individual experience.
  • For each eligible booking, your booking confirmation email will show the waived service fee.

Fee waiver limit

The fee waiver limit is per host and not per experience. Each eligible host, regardless of how many experiences they host, is eligible to have $1,000 USD in fees waived.

Fee waiver extensions

We will not be extending fee waiver windows. All eligible experiences within a region will be subject to the same waiver window, regardless of how many bookings they received during the window.

Guest cancellations

If a guest books and cancels an eligible experience within the waiver window, the service fee for that booking will not count towards the total limit of $1,000 USD per host.

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