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    COVID-19 update
    To find cancellation and refund options, go to your dashboard. Reservations eligible under our extenuating circumstances policy may be canceled before check-in without penalties or impact to your Superhost status.

    What do I do after I get a request to book?

    You have 24 hours to accept or decline a reservation request before it expires. When you get a reservation request, those dates will be blocked on your calendar so that other guests can’t request them until you accept or decline the pending request.

    If you’d like to get alerts as soon as you have a new request, try setting up notifications.

    Accept or decline the reservation

    Accept within 24 hours to avoid impacting your response rate. If you accept, your calendar will be updated automatically. If you decline because dates on your calendar are no longer available, you can update your calendar to avoid receiving other requests for the same dates.

    Expired reservation requests

    If you don’t accept or decline a request within 24 hours, the request will expire and dates will remain blocked on your calendar. You can go to your calendar to make these dates available if you’re still able to accept reservations on those days.

    If you’re still interested in hosting the guest, you can send a special offer.

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