What do I do after I receive a reservation request from a guest?

You have 24 hours to Accept or Decline a reservation request before it expires. Clicking the Discuss button to send a message is not a sufficient response.

When you receive a reservation request, you’ll get an email notification and a Dashboard alert. These notifications will come with a countdown clock so you know how much time you have before the request expires. To get alerts on your mobile phone, sign up for text message notifications or download our mobile app. The dates included in a pending reservation request will be automatically blocked on your calendar, so other guests won't be able to request them.

You can decide which reservation requests to accept or decline. If you decline many or most of the requests you get, your listing's placement in search results may be negatively impacted.

If the dates in a reservation request are available, and you can accommodate the guest, Accept the reservation. Your calendar will be automatically updated, and your payout will be scheduled for 24 hours after check-in.

If the dates in a reservation request are available but you want to know more about the traveler, use the Discuss button to send a message. The countdown timer will still be running, even if you hit Discuss, until you Accept or Decline.

If the dates of a reservation request aren’t available, Decline the request and let the guest know. To avoid receiving another request you can’t accommodate because of scheduling conflicts, update your calendar to reflect your availability.

If a reservation request expires and you can, in fact, accommodate it, send that traveler a Special Offer. The request cannot be reactivated.

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