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Respond to a request

Congrats! Someone out there is hoping to call your place home for a little while. You have 24 hours to act on requests before they expire, so set up notifications to ensure you get them as soon as possible.

What to expect

  1. To prevent overlap, the requested dates are automatically blocked on your calendar
  2. Review the request and accept or decline within 24 hours to keep your response rate up
  3. If you accept, the dates remain blocked
  4. If you decline due to scheduling, update your calendar to avoid receiving any further requests for those dates

Expired requests

If the request expires, the dates remain blocked on your calendar, so you’ll have to open them back up if you decide you can accommodate them. If you missed your 24-hour window to accept a guest you want to host, no worries: Ask them to send new request and throw in a special offer for good measure.

Please note: Airbnb can block your calendar if you haven’t provided all the information required for your account.

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