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    How do I host an online experience?

    First, submit your idea for an online experience. In the submission process, check the box stating it’s hosted online when you add your location. 

    Online experiences are hosted on Zoom. Zoom is a third-party cloud platform for video conferencing and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

    Submissions and Airbnb review

    Allow 2-4 weeks after submission for review and approval. Every online experience is reviewed to ensure it meets our quality standards, including the additional requirements for online experiences. If your experience did not pass review, you’ll receive an email, and are welcome to submit a new idea.

    How to set up a Zoom account

    After your experience is submitted and accepted for publication, you’ll be given a free Zoom account to use exclusively for your online experience on Airbnb.

    You will be prompted to activate your Zoom account in your experience settings. You’ll receive an email that will take you through a few steps to set up your Zoom account and an invite to join a test meeting. Once you complete the process, your Zoom account will be activated.

    Note it may take up to 30 minutes after you complete all steps for the Zoom activation status to be updated.

    Finding your Zoom link and password

    You can find the unique Zoom link for each instance of your experience on the calendar, in the confirmation email sent each time a guest books, and in the reminder email sent before your experience starts.

    Troubleshooting Zoom

    If you’re having an issue related to Zoom, please reach out to the Zoom support team. You can also find information in the Zoom Help Center.

    How guests book

    Guests will book your online experience on Airbnb the same way they do for in-person Airbnb Experiences. Using the “waiting room” feature on Zoom lets you control who joins your experience. If a guest shares the Zoom link with another guest who wasn't included in their reservation, you don't have to invite them to join. 

    How pricing works

    What you charge is up to you. We suggest starting at a lower price, and then when you get enough practice and 5-star reviews, you can increase what you charge. Just like in-person experiences, Airbnb will charge the host service fee, unless the experience is Social Impact.

    Online experiences are priced per person by default. If a reservation was booked for one and you notice 2 guests, you can ask them to pay for the additional person in the Resolution Center. However, if you are open to multiple guests joining per device, you can let guests know that they only need to book one spot on your experience page under What You’ll Do and How to Participate.

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