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When to buy travel insurance

Everyone should consider buying travel insurance—it can protect you against unexpected financial losses or changes you must make before or during your trip. However, you might already have existing protections, so check these out beforehand:

  • Your credit card may offer rental car coverage or other travel benefits
  • Your homeowner’s policy may cover theft or loss of personal belongings while you’re away from home
  • Your employer may provide travel benefits to employees


Every policy is different, so review the terms, coverage, conditions, and exclusions carefully, and don’t hesitate to contact the provider with questions.

Plans may include:

  • Trip cancellation: When certain covered reasons prevent you from taking your trip, such as weather or worker strikes, sickness, injury, death, or work-related interruptions
  • Trip interruption: Reimbursement if you need to end your trip early
  • Medical expenses: Reimbursement for medical expenses due to an illness or accident that occurs during your trip
  • Emergency assistance services: Assistance when you travel for critical needs, like emergency transportation, medical evacuations, doctor referrals, and lost or stolen visas and passports
  • Lost and damaged baggage protection: Coverage if your personal belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip
  • Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR): Reimbursement for the whole trip or a portion of trip expenses incurred if your trip is cancelled for any reason

Find out more about travel insurance

Airbnb is providing this information for general educational purposes only and does not offer travel insurance or endorse the products or services of any travel insurance companies, agents, or brokers.

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