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    COVID-19 update
    To find cancellation and refund options, select a reservation from the Trips page. Our extenuating circumstances policy only applies to certain reservations. If your check-in date is after June 30, check back here on June 1, 2020 for an update.

    What options do I have for canceling a reservation for a place to stay due to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    Depending on when you booked your reservation, your cancellation may be fully covered by our extenuating circumstances policy. If your reservation isn’t automatically covered, we have additional options.

    For guests

    If your reservation isn’t eligible under our extenuating circumstances policy, you can check your reservation to find out if it has flexible cancellation options. If it does, you can use the standard change or cancel options available.

    Requesting a cancellation from your host

    If your reservation was booked before March 10, 2020, with a check-in date before June 1, 2020, or booked between March 10 and June 1, 2020, you may be able to request a cancellation directly from your host and get a full refund.

    You’ll need to log in to your account on a web browser (not using the Airbnb app) to do this. A banner on the Change or cancel page will provide info on how to request a refund from your host.

    1. Go to Trips and find the trip you want to cancel
    2. Click or tap Show trip details
    3. From the overview, click or tap Show details
    4. Click or tap Change or cancel
    5. Under Cancel reservation, click or tap Next
    6. Select the COVID-19 (coronavirus) reason for why you’re canceling
    7. Click or tap Ask for a full refund

    The host will be given up to 48 hours to respond, or 24 hours if the reservation begins within a week. If they agree to the cancellation, we’ll send the refund to your original payment method, including the service fee amount. Find out more about how refunds work.

    If the host doesn’t agree, you can still cancel and your refund will be determined by the host’s standard cancellation policy.

    Other options

    If your reservation doesn’t qualify for either the extenuating circumstances policy or your host doesn’t agree to cancel, you can always message your host to find out if they’re willing to give you a larger refund through the Resolution Center.

    For hosts

    If a guest requests a cancellation, you’ll receive an email asking if you agree to a full refund. If the check-in time is within 7 days, you’ll have 24 hours to respond, otherwise you’ll have 48 hours to respond. To reply to a request:

    1. From the email, click or tap Respond to guest and you’ll be taken to Airbnb
    2. Click either Give a full refund or Decline refund

    If you agree to give a full refund, there will be no impact to your Superhost status.

    Other options 

    If you want to cancel a reservation because of COVID-19 that isn’t eligible under our extenuating circumstances policy, message your guest and ask them to cancel the reservation. Host penalties don’t apply to guest-initiated cancellations.

    If the guest doesn’t agree to cancel, you can still cancel the reservation, however penalties will apply.

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