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The difference between Co-Hosts and hosting teams

There are two ways to get support hosting on Airbnb: Hosting teams and Co-Hosts.

A hosting team manages a place on behalf of the renter or owner, including their online listings and guests. The team may be a business or group of people the owner has a legal contract with.

Co-Hosts are more casual—like friends or family members who cover for you sometimes. You can have up to 3 per listing.

How they’re presented to guests

  • Hosting teams: The account owner is always shown as the primary Host on a listing
  • Co-Hosts: The account owner is the primary Host by default but may designate a Co-Host to be listed as the primary Host

Access and permissions

  • Hosting teams: Team members may be able to access your transaction history and perform other in-depth functions, provided they’re granted those permissions by the account owner—learn about hosting team permissions
  • Co-Hosts: All your Co-Hosts have the same limited set of permissions, and they never have access to your transaction history—find out what Co-Hosts can do
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