What if I feel uncomfortable with a guest?

Before you've accepted a reservation

If a guest sends you a booking inquiry or reservation request and you find they’re not a fit for your space or hosting style, you are free to decline the booking. Take advantage of the features we've built to give you peace of mind and help you get to know your know guests before, during, and after a reservation.

Declining an individual reservation request does not negatively impact your placement in search results. If you decline many or most reservation requests, however, your placement in search results may be negatively impacted.

After you've accepted a reservation

If your guest has already booked and check-in is more than 24 hours away, you can cancel the reservation. You may be subject to cancellation penalties, unless you’re cancelling under extenuating circumstances.

If you need to cancel a reservation that is scheduled to begin within 24 hours, or that has already begun, please contact us.

You will not be able to have Superhost status if you cancel a confirmed reservation, unless it’s under extenuating circumstances.

Flag inappropriate messages

If a message a guest has sent you makes you uncomfortable, let us know by flagging it. To flag a message, open the message thread and click the flag icon next to it. Here's an example of what the flag icon looks like:

Remember: if you ever feel your personal safety is threatened, contact the local police or emergency services immediately.

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