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    Airbnb's Custom URL Policy

    Superhosts and hosts using professional hosting tools are eligible to create custom URLs. These custom URLs can be set up to direct people to a listing or to a pro marketing page.

    Some additional details:

    • A Superhost with multiple listings can set up one custom URL for each of their listings
    • Each listing can only have one custom URL
    • In addition, hosts using professional hosting tools can also create one custom URL for their pro marketing page

      Each URL is valid only while the listing or account is active and may be forfeited if the listing or account is deactivated or removed from Airbnb for any reason.

      You don’t own your custom URL, and upon any violation of this policy or Airbnb’s terms, Airbnb may end your use of it. Here are the policies to follow when creating a custom URL.

      Custom URLs can't include:

      • Any variation of the word "Airbnb" or any other content that violates our brand guidelines
      • The word "verified"
      • The word "official" unless sanctioned by the person, place, or organization with whom the connection is asserted
      • Symbols or punctuation, except for hyphens
      • Fewer than three characters
      • Anything that violates Airbnb's Content Policy

      Custom URLs can't consist only of:

      • Generic property types (for example, Apartment, Cabin, TreeHouse, Loft, Home)
      • Generic geographic locations (for example, SanFrancisco)
      • Numbers (all URLs must contain at least one letter)

      Some examples of acceptable URLs:

      • /french-alps-vacation-homes-and-cabins
      • /babu-getaways
      • /helens-homes
      • /private-room-in-barcelona-city-center
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