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    What does it mean to host with a team?

    A team is a way for groups to host listings together on Airbnb without sharing the same account or private information. A team's account owner can choose who joins the team and which tools and features they can access. Each team member will have their own Airbnb account and login. Listings created by team members will be owned by the account owner.

    Every team member, except the account owner, starts with basic permissions that expand when an account owner or someone with team management permissions gives them access to additional permission sets.

    Types of permissions


    Each person who joins a team gets basic permissions. They can:

    • Review (but not edit) listings, calendars, reservations, account performance, and team profiles
    • Adjust their own account settings, including their login and password

    In addition to basic permissions, team members can also be assigned some or all of the following permission sets.

    Listing management

    Team members with listing management permissions can:

    • Create listings on behalf of the team owner
    • Edit listing content including listing details and booking settings
    • Unlist, snooze, and deactivate listings
    • Set pricing when a listing is created
    • Update details like taxes for each listing

    Guest management

    Team members with guest management permissions can:

    • Make changes to reservations, adjust reservation dates and number of guests, and block the calendar when the changes are related to reservations
    • Review reservation earnings
    • Be a point-of-contact person for customer service
    • Send messages, special offers, or pre-approvals to guests
    • Write and respond to guest reviews

    Pricing and availability

    Team members with pricing and availability permissions can:

    • Manage pricing settings, including discounts, fees, smart pricing, currency, and nightly price
    • Manage availability settings, including availability window, check-in and checkout restrictions
    • Sync Airbnb calendars to their existing calendar systems
    • Create and edit rule-sets
    • Review reservation earnings


    Team members with finances permissions can:

    • Access the transaction history in Account Settings
    • Generate CSV earnings and payouts reports
    • Review reservation earnings

    Hosting support

    Team members with hosting support permissions can:

    • Accept listing owner invites to manage their listings
    • Remove the team from a listing owner's listing
    • Review transaction history, earnings, pricing, and availability for all listings

    Team management

    Team members with team management permissions can:

    • Invite people to join the team
    • Remove team members
    • Edit team member permissions, except their own

    Account owner

    The person who sets up a team becomes the account owner. The account owner has a special set of permissions that can’t be changed. They also own any listings team members create for the account.

    Only this person can:

    • Access all permissions
    • Edit business account details, taxpayer info, and payout preferences
    • Deactivate the Airbnb account
    • Deactivate the team
    • File resolution center cases