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How do I track my hosting performance?

If you’re a host with 6 or more listings, or you’ve turned on our professional hosting tools, you can track your hosting progress on your performance dashboard. This dashboard includes things like historical and real time performance of your listings across business metrics, top performing listings, and the ability to compare listings against each other and a similar market.

To find this info:

  1. Go to your listings
  2. Click the Performance tab

The reports here let you search and filter historical performance over the past 12 months. You can also include data on upcoming bookings and select which listings to include by using the search and filter bar in each section. Here’s more info on what you can find:

Occupancy & Rates

Find out how your bookings are performing. Includes:

  • Data about how your space is booked over time
  • Your average nightly rate
  • Comparisons of occupancy, average nightly rate, and revenue to your market’s average
  • Insights to maximize earnings for your listings


Find details about the number of guests looking at your listings. Includes:

  • The number of times your listing is shown in search results (first page impressions) with comparison to market averages
  • Listings’ views over a specific time period, with comparison to market averages
  • The number of guests who click on a listing that appears in the first page of a search
  • Click-through rate (CTR), or the number of clicks per first page impression
  • View to contact and contact to book rates


Find info about your guests’ ratings and reviews of your listings. You can:

  • Filter by region, listing attributes (ex: number of bedrooms), overall or for individual listings
  • Review ratings across different time frames to identify trends 
  • Compare your listings to similar listings in the area 
  • Sort listings by those with the highest and lowest ratings 
  • Review specific categories of guest reviews, individual listings, and guest reviews 


Find out how you’re doing financially. Includes:

  • Ability to filter details by all time or for the past 12 months
  • Earnings paid out and expected earnings
  • Total nights booked
  • Total unbooked nights
  • Occupancy rate
  • Cleaning fees earned
  • Cancellation fees incurred


Find out how to optimize your listings for Airbnb. Includes:

  • Your Superhost status or progress
  • Info around basic requirements
  • Experience host status or progress

Access to the performance tab

If your performance dashboard doesn’t show the Performance tab, you’ll need to opt in to professional hosting tools.