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    What if a host substitutes another listing for the one I booked?

    It’s always your choice whether to accept or decline a host’s offer to provide you with an alternate listing.

    Before paying for a reservation

    If you don’t have a confirmed reservation yet and the host offers you a different listing from the one you discussed, you can book a reservation or simply look for a new place. You have no obligation to accept the alternate listing, and you should make sure that it would work for your trip before booking.

    After you’ve paid for your reservation

    If your host is asking you to stay in a different listing than you originally booked and you’re okay with a switch, either you or your host can change the reservation. Make sure to check the details of the new listing and reservation before accepting a change.

    If you’re not okay with a switch, or if your host is asking you to switch without officially changing the reservation on Airbnb, ask the host to cancel your reservation so you can get a full refund or find another home that better accommodates your stay.

    After you’ve checked in

    If you’ve already checked in and you believe that the listing is not what you booked on the site, follow the steps to document the issue and our Guest Refund Policy will make sure you either get the listing you booked or receive a refund.

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